Dikembe – Game Over LP


1. Scottie Spliffen (8-Bit Remix)
2. We Could Become River Rats (8-Bit Remix)
3. Hood Rat Messiah (8-Bit Remix)
4. Surfed In The Loft (8-Bit Remix)
5. All Wrong (8-Bit Remix)
6. All Got Sick (8-Bit Remix)
7. Living In The Walls (8-Bit Remix)


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10% of proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to Misfit Manor, a non-profit providing refuge to special needs animals & assisting pet owners in crisis.

Take all of the greatest songs from throughout Dikembe’s epic and storied discography, remix them in nostalgic 8-Bit form, and toss them in a video game to help promote their latest album, ‘Muck,’ and you end up with “Game Over.”