Dreamtigers – Ellapsis LP



1. Six Rivers
2. Ellapsis (Time Is A Sickness)
3. I See The Future
4. For Sally
5. 3.13.8
6. Percocet Blues
7. Never See The City
8. Stolen Moments


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What would it be to see the future? To understand ourselves and our communities in the scope of time? Dreamtigers’ upcoming full-length, “Ellapsis,” out February 18th via Skeletal Lightning, isn’t afraid to ask these questions. Sonically, it’s not really shoegaze, it’s not really emo, but exists in the liminal space between, with fractured emotions evident in every note.

Dynamic, harmonized vocals soar over powerful soundscapes, featuring elements of the members’ associated bands, Defeater, Caspian, and Balmorhea, yet uniquely its own — at once nostalgic and invigorating, lush and powerful.

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