Jack M. Senff – Low Spirit LP


1. Low Spirit
2. Coop Running Through the Halls
3. August Company
4. Thunder Roll On
5. Nowhere, Oklahoma
6. Mick & Keith
7. Rat in the Silo
8. Book on Wild Horses
9. The Way It Was
10. Little Light
11. After the Rain


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Low Spirit, recorded in collaboration with the Rolling Hill Band, finds Jack M. Senff at his folkiest & most optimistic yet. While the record dives into the deepest pits of American disillusionment, touching on police brutality and imperialism, a layer of hope remains. The album blends together seamlessly, but beneath each track is a wayward feeling pulled from worldly uncertainty. Low Spirit is intended to feel like a sonic & thematic odyssey that trawls the depths and tries to figure it out.

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