Pool Kids – Music to Practice Safe Sex to

1. Overly Verbose Email Series Pt. III
2. Borderline
3. Erso
4. $5 Subtweet
5. They Only Care About My Fills And Not My Feels
6. Five-Time 2nd Place Winner
7. I Know It’s Only Fair
8. Patterns
9. Rick’s Toy Box

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Formed out of the ashes of hopelessness and toxic friendships, Pool Kids, led by multi-instrumentalist Christine Goodwyne, displays an impressive technical precision, highlighted by searing guitar riffs and a dynamic lyrical prowess.

On the Tallahassee, Florida quartet’s debut full-length, Music to Practice Safe Sex, the record to dives into themes of betrayal and recovery, highlighted by genre-defying elements of math-rock, art-rock, and an abundance of passion.

“This is what (Paramore) WISHED we sounded like in the early 2000’s. Love hearing mathy twinkly parts mixed with heavy moments. This kind of music will always be v special to me.” – Hayley freakin’ Williams/Paramore

“The wry, incisive lyrics and technically-savvy bouts of genre-bending heard across Music to Practice Safe Sex to reveal Pool Kids as unique, unpredictable, and above all else, prodigious.” – Zoe Camp, Bandcamp

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