Victor Shores – You’ll Get Better At It

1. Wet Sandwich
2. Weekend At Gunsch
3. Whateverful
4. See Ya On The Big Screen

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A lot can happen over time, but despite living states away for almost a year, the charming trio in Victor Shores have always made it work.

Now, the band is back at it again and things have never looked better. “You’ll Get Better At It,” their first recorded material in over a year, is proof.

“You’ll Get Better At It” captures the progression of life at its most extreme, combining elements of resentment, self-reflection, and change after the end of a tough breakup.

Vocalist/guitarist David Soiseth, bassist Donny Jenson, and drummer Bryce Mack are now all residing in Minneapolis, MN. Now things are just fine, and the future looks very bright

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dan Jensen (Off With Their Heads, Wolvhammer, Arms Aloft)

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